Our starting point questions are: In times of ‘fake news’, internet trolls, right wing riots in all parts of Western Europe – how can we react to this anonymous mass of hatred and hate comments? Is re-personalizing hate a political action? Generally we negate the feeling of hate, but do we have the tools to identify it upon ourselves? Once we have noticed we experience it, what do we do with it and how can we talk about it? Could hate or anger be a starting point for a creative research and expression?

The proposal of this workshop is to work with personal and hated objects along with the stories that participants bring along with them.

We will go through a brief research process to dig into a deep and probably uncomfortable topic, in a playful and gentle way, with the aim of creating an instant expression.The interest of the research is to explore the objectual relationship each performer has and how each of them performs that relationship.

The focus of the laboratory is to bring awareness of each performer’s behaviors towards the tasks as an access key to their singularity, emphasizing their personal poetic. To this end, we will mostly work with various techniques from object theater, devising methods and movement.

The workshop will be led by Carolina Arandia, she is a dancer-performer and performance maker based in Prague. She creates collaborative projects focusing on performance, choreography and objects. For further information or any questions, you are welcome to write an email , link to online portfolio:

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